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Threats from Households Pests mean a situation that any living creatures that are not human living in house or house’s area whereas these living creatures often cause disturbance or dirt. In addition, these living creatures may destroy assets in houses and become disease vectors that are harmful for occupants, children, or pets. Currently, all types of residence (including townhouses/townhomes, semi-detached houses, detached houses, mansions, commercial buildings, condominiums, penthouses, or private boats may be threatened by insects and pests unexpectedly. You may think that they are not big deal and you can deal with them. However, in the event of actual case, occupants may gain huge concern.


Termites are considered as a big problem that can be expanded in your house unexpectedly. They are able to damage structures of furniture or your old properties until they are unable to be repaired. To control and solve these problems, it is proper to consider on cellulose, humidity (locations and routes of termites) and other factors in order to find termite nest or termite kingdom precisely leading to correct control.


4 SERVICES of Termites and Pest Management


1. Termite Control Service


A. Pre-Termite Protection Service

This service helps to prevent termites from the construction area through PVC or PE piping along floor beams and around building structure prior mortaring. In addition, chemicals will be poured to expel termites to be under soil. Existing pipe treatment system will be beneficial for feeding chemicals into pipes under houses in the future without floor drilling.

Post-Termite Protection Service



This service can be performed through several methods depending on appropriateness of building, building structure, and limitations under demands of customers. The methods of termite prevention and elimination cab be divided into 3 methods as follows:

Chemical Treatment System

In case of any building with no pipe under house, it is necessary to drill the floors near the areas with termite and risky areas. The distance of each area shall be as defined and specially designed tool shall be used to feed chemicals into the land under the house.

Nemesis Termite Bait system

it is suitable for buildings with existing problems on termites). Termites will be eliminated with 100% effectiveness. The result of termite elimination can be monitored within 60 days.

Full Termite Bait system

(It is suitable for buildings with surrounding areas, for example, detached houses.) This method is considered as the most efficient method for houses requiring termite prevention and elimination.

Cockroach Control Service

Chemical spray will be used to leave residue at risky areas or elimination in the form of gel for areas that are not be able to be sprayed with chemicals. The content of chemicals of each spraying shall be in accordance with the standard on safety services for humans and pets.


3. Mosquito Elimination Service

Chemical spraying will be used for mature mosquitoes by spraying chemicals in the form of fog, smoke, or water mist. Mostly, this method is performed outside buildings at larval and pupal sources, for example, drains, gardens, and basement. For larva, it can be eliminated by pouring chemicals in larval sources, for example, puddles, fish ponds, and wells.


4. Pest Management

Each area may deal with pest management differently based on occurred problems. We are able to provide consulting and basic elimination methods with free of charge.


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