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No bad smell, dirt, dust, and cobweb.


Is your Organization Facing any Repetitive Problem?

In our daily work, it is not only cleaning any area but it also means building good environment for such area. Clean and hygiene environment is considered as the important thing for personnel affecting to work efficiency and reflecting corporate image for visitors. We provide cleaning services from one professional maid to a cleaning team for cleaning the whole building.

We build good environment and experiences in workplaces of our customers and we achieve this goal by providing the best service to your employees and visitors in every corner of your workplaces.

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We build good environment and experiences in workplaces of our customers and we achieve this goal by providing the best service to your employees and visitors in every corner of your workplaces.

We provide complete cleaning services inside and outside buildings with expertise of personnel and executives who have over 20 years of experience. Consequently, we are able to develop cleaning service format to suit with all business natures and demands of customers. To design and plan action plans, we consider on personnel development, appropriate time/budget allocation, resource consumption, and services to give the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.

Value Add Through Our Services

1. Single Services


Single service is considered as special cleaning and the operations are mostly cleaning in all procedures in one time. In terms of Single service for house, the cleaning service requires 1-2 days depending on the size of each house and accumulation of dirt in each point. For large building with crowned traffic in common areas, it may require every 3 months or every 6 months. This kind of special service is provided by our specialist team.


2. Contract Services


Contract Service is regular cleaning at each organization with operations under cleaning plan that is explicitly planned based on contractual duration. We are able to design cleaning, equipment, and cleaning solution to suit and be consistent with demands of customers. The results of maid performance will be reported and audited by our inspectors regularly under quality control system if our central company. In addition, we are also ready to substitute maids in case of leave.



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Our Professional Cleaning Team

“Personnel: We emphasize on training and developing potential of our employees in order to improve their knowledge and abilities as well as to build good attitude in order to reinforce their skills and develop their profession. Consequently, they will be able to provide standard and quality services that are consistent with demands of customers.

Moreover, our company also provides inspectors to be stationed at each unit in order to survey operation of employees in each site in each region throughout Thailand. All inspectors have to record and report the results to the Head Office. In the event of any error or failure to meet with defined action plan, all units and executive will attend the meeting to exchange their problems and evaluate solutions for solving those problems and preventing repetitiveness of those problems.


Cleaning Tools, Equipment, and Chemical Products



Another cleaning problem that is frequently found is the use of poor standard cleaning equipment and products. The lack of knowledge and understanding of employees on utilizing correct cleaning equipment and products causes dirt or damages that are hard to be remedied or unable to be remedied. ‘’Consequently, selected cleaning equipment must be standardized and all types of chemical products must have MSDS document and certified by FDA.

All employees will be trained on the use of cleaning tools and equipment and chemical products correctly by the Head of Central Operating Department and manufacturers at our training center before performing operations. For large equipment, experts from manufacturers or distributors in Thailand and overseas are invited to train our employees.


Uniform and Dressing


Cleaning operation and staff training are main priority in this service area. However, another important thing is Uniform. Our uniforms of cleaning staffs are designed by a fashion designer. Selected fabric is wrinkle free and comfortable. The design focuses on standard simple pattern. And the colours tone is not colourful. However, our uniform can present elegance and good image with appropriateness for all service area. We are confident that we will be able to be a part in building better environment and we also emphasize on image of places of business.



Cleanliness of uniforms and staffs are the priority for good image of the properties.


Appropriate uniform which suits for the sites benefit to improve personality of staffs and the image of properties.


Uniform can present profession, flexibility, and convenience for movements. Dressing should be appropriate for each site.In addition, our company also mainly emphasizes on work safety for example; the use of gloves, anti-slip shoes, masks, safety goggles, safety helmets or safety shoes for working in factories and warehouses, etc.

"Every determination on development and personnel support will affect to services provided to customers. Customers must receive the worthiest services with our integrity."